Earn & Learn

Earn & Learn


Earn and learn scheme is basically undertaken for the benefit of student coming from the rural areas, which are economically backward, intelligent and meritorious but can not afford higher education. This scheme is funded by college itself.

College allots work that can be easily done by selected candidates. However when work is distributed care is taken that each student get eighty percent technical work and twenty percent of fieldwork. Office work includes library work such as sorting and tagging of books or other office work. Technical work include data entry, filling form .While field work include garden work, cleanliness of the campus etc. Each student is expected to work for two hours daily. Student working under this scheme are paid Rs 300 per month.


  • 1. To admit poor and needy student
  • 2. To inculcate the importance of self-dependence among student.
  • 3. To give preferences to rural and economically poor student.
  • 4. Motivate for self employment.


Sr. No. Name of Teacher Designation
01 Prof. Dr. R.V. Shikhare Chairman
02 Mr. A.E. Bharade Co-ordinator
03 Dr. V. P. Sangale Member
04 Dr. A. J. Shirsat Member
05 Mr. Goundi B.D. (O.S.) Member