Public Administration


Depatment of Public Administration

The Department of public administration was established in 1995. Public administration is the most potential of the inputs that go in to the decision planning and development process of India. Proper execution and administration of the resources in the paramount, importance and need of the hour too.

The Department of public administration has been constantly striving to meet ever the over increasing man power need of the administration the education institution, business and other Sectors, through revamping syllabus. The department also has been made all our efforts to equip the students with the latest theoretical and practical inputs to shape them up as promising personalities and human resource personal. To provide political and administrative knowledge of social, political and economic system. To prepare the students for competitive examination. To give the knowledge of development program.

Course Details

Class Sem. P.No. Name of the Paper
B.A.F.Y. Sem I I Introduction to Public Administration-I
II Indian Administration-I
Sem II III Introduction to Public Administration-II
IV Indian Administration-II
B.A.S.Y. Sem III V Personnel Administration
VI Panchayati Raj and Rural Development
Sem IV VII Financial Administration
VIII Urban Local Self Government and Urban Development
B.A.T.Y. Sem V IX Human Resource Development
X Educational Administration in India
XI Administrative Thinkers
XII Project Work
Sem VI XIII Public Policy and Development
XIV Health Administration in India
XV Recent Trends in Public Administration & Important Laws
XVI Project Work


  • Departmental Library is available. There are 25 books available in the departmental library and they are made available to the students as per their requirement.
  • Question Bank.
  • Video Lectures.

Teaching Staff

# Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 Helambe H.B. HOD & Assistant Professor M.A.,SET., B.Ed. 05

Research Publications

# Name of Faculty National Journals International Journals Conf. Proceeding Chapter in Book Books
1 Mr. Helambe H. B. -- 10 -- 03 --

Participation Seminar/Workshop/Conference

# Name of Faculty Type National International State Regional
1 Mr. Helambe H. B. Seminar 06 -- -- --
Workshop 03 -- 02 01
Conference 02 -- -- --
OC/RC/MOOCs 06 -- -- --

Student Enrollement

# Academic Year B.A.F.Y. B.A.S.Y. B.A.T.Y. Total
1 2016-17 117 87 74 278
2 2017-18 134 63 60 257
3 2018-19 130 57 47 234
4 2019-20 129 63 49 241
5 2020-21 143 75 49 267
6 2021-22 98 38 31 167

Results (from 2016-2017 on words)

# Academic Year B.A.F.Y. B.A.S.Y. B.A.T.Y.
1 2016-17 89.10 96.14 94.14
2 2017-18 67.63 84.63 92.57
3 2018-19 76.47 93.07 72.58
4 2019-20 85.79 92.21 84.25
5 2020-21 52.01 80.05 86.96


# Student Name Designation Address
1 Dr. Madan Kale Assistant Professor HOD, Public Administration,Twaritapuri College Talwada
2 Mr. Balasaheb Paralkar K Teacher(Jr. College) Siddheshwar College Majalgoan
3 Mr. Dipak Dongare Assistant Professor R. B. Attal College Georai
4 Mrs. Shital Kharat Teacher Sharda Classes Georai
5 Mr. Vaijanath Shirke Senior Clark Health Department Mumbai
6 Mr. Dadasaheb Kale Senior Assistant PWD Amravati
7 Mr. Nitin Ade Employee(BPS) TCS Pune
8 Mr. Balaji Dhakne Teacher Dnyandeep Academy Pune
9 Mr. Rohit Puranik Artist Georai
10 Mr. Ganesh Taur Accountant Tata Motors Pune
11 Mr. Kishor Nikalje Jointers Sparkle Services Pvt.Ltd. Pune
12 Mr. Kishor Ubale Security Force Maharashtra State Security Force
13 Mr. Tejas Deshmukh Employee(BPS) TCS Pune

Events & Activities

  • Department organized one day interdisciplinary National seminar on Globalization: Literature & Society on 10 Feb. 2017.
  • On 12th, 2018, 12th State level KISAN KRUSHI EXHIBITION visit was organized by the Department of Public Administration of R. B. Attal College at Georai for students from 06.06.2015 to 09/12/2018.
  • Department organized one day National Interdisciplinary seminar on Contemporary Problems in India & Remedies on 14 Sept. 2019.
  • Department organized Online National Webinar on Incidence of Pandemic Covid-19: Lesson and Strategies for Administrative Reforms, on 04 June 2020.
  • Department organized Online National Webinar on Status of Women at 75th Anniversary of Independence, on 17 Aug. 2021

Best Practices

  • The departmentcreates awareness in students about Gramsabha.The department provides basic information about the administration of Govt. offices in a friendly way.

Future Plan

  • To Organizing a National Conference/ seminar.
  • To Organizing more study/field visit for students
  • To submit research proposal for Major/Minor research project.
  • To arrange workshop on Research Methodology.