Department of Physics

Department is established in 1971 with highly qualified staff and well equipped laboratories. Mr. B.G. Shaikh, is founder Head of the Department of Physics. Prof. S. V. Chandole and Prof P. P. Pawar developed the physics department with Mr. B. G. Shaikh.

Currently Dr. P. D. Gaikwad is Head of Department. He is a good researcher and research guide. Six research students are pursuing Ph. D degree under his guidance. He is awarded with various awards like Best Teacher of the year, Education Work National Award, Award of Outstanding scientist, Best Researcher Award, Bharat Ratana Mother Teresa Gold medal Award, National Citizenship Gold Medal Award, Dr. Radhakrishnan Gold Medal Award, Indira Gandhi Gold Medal Award etc. He has worked as Editorials as reviewer in international and national Journal and invited as a Resource Person in various International, National, State level Conference. At present there are three doctorate and three NET qualified staff in Department. Teaching staff our department always motivates students and try to develop their interest in subject physics. For this we are organizes various activities every year. Students are actively participates in every activities like Poster Presentation, Seminars, Conferences, Science Talent Test, Science Exhibitions, Study tour, Guest Lectures etc. Winner and top ranker students are felicitated with prize, bouquet and certificate. Open day for School going children is a best practice of our department. Besides this, Physics students also participates in Social Rallies and Social Awareness Programs.

We have very prominent Alumni. Few of them are Vice Principal, Deogiri College, Aurangabad Dr. Anil Ardad, Dr. P. S. Dahinde, Mr. S. S. Kulkarni Working as an Assistant Professor, R. B. Attal College. Mr. N. L. Gaware, Mr. G. A. Chalak, Mr. Pandit Vishvajit Working as a Lecturer. Many of our alumni are completing their P. G. or Ph. D courses.

Course Details

Class Semester Paper No Name of the Paper
B.Sc I I I Mechanics, Properties of Matter
II Heat and Thermodynamics
III Practical
II IV Geometrical & Physical Optics
V Electricity & Magnetism
VI Practical
B.Sc II III VII Mathematical statistical physics and relativity
VIII Mordern and Nuclear Physics
IX+XII Practical
IV X General Electronics
XI Solid State Physics
XII+XIV Practical
B.Sc III V XV Quantum and Classical Physics
XVI Electrodynamics
XVII +XXI Practical
VI XIX Atomic Molecular Physics and Laser
XX Non Conventional Energy Sources and optical fiber
XVIII+XXII Practical


  • Laboratory: One Darkroom, One Computer lab, Two labs for General Practicals. The well-equipped laboratories with C, R.O, Colorimeter, Spectrometer, etc.
  • Departmental library: 30 books and E-books.
  • Question bank: Paper and Chapterwise Question bank.
  • Video Lectures: 06

Teaching Staff

# Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience Profile
1 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Head & Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph. D. 13 Years View
2 Dr. S.G. Badhe Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ph. D. 05 Years View
3 Dr.P.S. Dahinde Assistant Professor M.Sc. NET, Ph. D. 03 Years View
4 Mr.S.S. Kulkarni Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET 04 Years View
5 Mr.G. M. Shinde Assistant Professor M.Sc. SET 02 Years View

Non Teaching Staff

# Name of Faculty Designation Experience
1 Mr. S.K. Chaudhari Lab. Attendant 30
1 Mr. V.D. Raut Lab. Attendant 20

Honor/Award/ Prize Received

# Name of Faculty Award Agency
1 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Academic excellence Award in physics Globel Research Foundations
2 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Award for Excellence in Research EET/CRS Educational Expo TV
3 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Incredible Research Award Record Owner- World Records
4 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Educational Work Dnyoba Bhaudesheya Sanasta
5 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Global teaching Award kiteskraft productions
6 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Outstanding Scientist Award V GOOD Professional Association
7 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Best Researcher Award V GOOD Professional Association
8 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Bharat Ratna Mother Teresa Gold Medal Award Global Economics Progress and Research AssociationsBanglore
9 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad National Citizenship Gold Medal Award Global Economics Progress and Research AssociationsBengaluru
10 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Dr. Radhakrishnan Gold Medal Award Global Economics Progress and Research Associations Chennai
11 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Indira Gandhi Gold Medal Award Global Economics Progress and Research Associations, Bangalore
12 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad National Citizenship Gold Medal Award Global Economics Progress and Research Associations, Bengaluru
13 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Best Paper Award Planetary Research Centre Bangkok, Thailand

Research Project

# Name of Faculty Title Major/Minor Duration Agency Remark
1 Dr.P, D, Gaikwad Development of Polyaniline matrix for Sensors Minor 2010-2014 UGC Pune Completed
2 Dr.P, D, Gaikwad Synthesis of Polyaniline Matrix for Environmental Monitoring Minor 2018-2020 Russa Dr. B.A.M.University Completed


# Name of Faculty Title of the Patents Date of Publication Field of Invention
1 Dr. Gaikwad P. D. New oral strip or thin film form diclofenac sodium. 16/02/2022 Physics
2 Dr. Gaikwad P. D. Machine learning based real Time Control of Launch Using Wireless Sensor Network 27/02/2022 Electronics
3 Dr. Gaikwad P. D. Smart Nanotechnology based Gas Sensors to control inert Gases from Creating a Poisonous Environment 29/o4/2022 Physics
4 Dr. Gaikwad P. D. ML Based Heart Patient Scanning and Monitoring Method 26/08/2022 Computer Science

Research Publications

# Name of Faculty National Journals International Journals Conf. Proceeding Chapter in Book Books
1 Dr. P.D.Gaikwad 01 45 25 09 01
2 Dr. S.G.Badhe -- 16 01 02 --
2 Mr. P.S.Dahinde 03 -- -- 01 --
2 Mr.S.S.kulkarni 03 -- 01 01 --
2 Mr.G. M. Shinde -- -- -- 01 --

Participation Seminar/Workshop/Conference

# Name of Faculty Type National International State Regional
1 Dr. P.D. Gaikwad Seminar 07 00 13 16
Workshop 04 01 05 --
Conference 12 14 12 --
OC/RC/MOOCs 05 -- -- --
2 Dr.S.G.Badhe Seminar 03 -- 06 04
Workshop -- -- 03 04
Conference 11 04 -- --
OC/RC/MOOCs 01 -- -- --
2 Mr. P.S.Dahinde Seminar -- -- -- --
Workshop 01 -- -- --
Conference 02 -- -- --
OC/RC/MOOCs -- -- -- --
2 Mr. S,S. Kulkarni Seminar -- -- -- --
Workshop -- -- -- --
Conference 06 -- -- --
OC/RC/MOOCs -- -- -- --

Student Enrollement

Academic Year B.Sc. I B.Sc. II B.Sc. III Total
2016-17 176 142 137 455
2017-18 148 136 124 408
2018-19 216 120 112 448
2019-20 144 137 111 392
2020-21 107 113 127 347
2021-22 131 54 82 237


Academic Year B.Sc. I B.Sc. II B.Sc. III Total
2016-17 84.44 85.53 96.24 88.73
2017-18 78.60 85.83 95.55 86.66
2018-19 77.16 76.82 96.35 83.44
2019-20 93 94 100 95.66
2020-21 65.2 93.23 89.59 82.67


# Student Name Prasent Status Mobile
1 Pathak Nitin Askshokrao Language Programmer, IT Job, Aurangabad 9404292760
2 Gaware Nagadnarayan Laxman Lecturer, Ambad Dist Jalna 8999100520
3 Shinde Swapnil Chandrakant School Teacher, Georai 9158053677
4 Sutar Kiran Setu, Private sector 8888973080
5 Puranik Rohit Rajendra Accountant, Georai 7744017612
6 Raut Sham Nagnath CSC centre, tehsil, Georai 9096350550
7 Mache Parthraj Singer, primary Teacher, Georai 9657953325
8 Chalak Ganesh Asaram Lecturer, Rk junior college, Georai 9423472197
9 Tonpe Kailash Singer, private job,Georai 9860887324
10 Kulkarni Onkar Ashokrao IT sector, pune 9421834966
11 Yadav Vinod Ankush Lecturer,jr college Georai 9764971422
12 Lingras Prathmesh Nagesh Language Programmer IT job, Aurangabad 9921136337
13 Aher Amol Lecturer, jr college, Ambad Dist Jalna 9623121232
14 Mhetre Vikas Radhakisan Photo studio, Georai 9350716548
15 Chavan Achut Assistant professor, Dhule 9975604780

Events & Activities

  • Participation in Science Exhibition
  • Participation in various Competition at District and state Level
  • Student Seminars
  • Test Tutorial and Assignments
  • Poster Presentation
  • Project based on Practical for students
  • Study Tour
  • Guest Lectures

Best Practices

  • Open Day

Future Plan

  • To start one Carrier Orientation Course (COP)
  • To motivate students to attend summer Internship Program for research
  • To submit proposal of minor/major Research project
  • To organize National Conference or Workshop
  • To submit proposal for recognition of PG teacher
  • To start PG Course in Physics [2023-24]
  • To organize International Conference [2025]