Political Science


Depatment of Political Science

The Department was established in the year 1971 for giving basic knowledge of political science to the student from rural area. The Department also make student able to understand the Indian Constitution. The Department makes students aware of their political right and duties. Students are given information about the structure working and power of central and state government. The political science teachers of our department also played an important role in extracurricular activates of the college. The subject is useful as a general knowledge for student appearing for competitive examination.

In the department of political science three Members are working. Response from the student for the subject is very good. Day by day the strength of student is increasing.

Course Details

Class Sem. P.No. Name of the Paper
B.A.F.Y. Sem I POL-Core Course CC-1A Principle of Political science
POL-Core Course CC-1B Indian Government and politics
Sem II POL-Core Course CC-2A Principle of Political science
POL-Core Course CC-2B Indian Government and politics
B.A.S.Y. Sem III Paper No.105 Indian Government and politics
Paper No.106 International relation
Sem IV Paper No.107 Indian Government and politics
Paper No.108 International relation
B.A.T.Y. Sem V Paper No.109 Indian Political Thinkers
Paper No.110 Western Political Thinkers
Paper No.111 Political Ideologies
Paper No.112 Project Work
Sem VI Paper No.113 Indian Political Thinkers
Paper No.114 Western Political Thinkers
Paper No.115 Political Ideologies
Paper No.116 Project Work


  • Departmental Library.
  • Question Bank.
  • Video Lectures.

Teaching Staff

# Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 Dr. Satale S. N. Associate Professor & HOD M.A. SET, Ph.D 22 Years
2 Mr. Dongre D. K. Assistant Professor(CHB) M.A., M.Phil, SET 04 Years
3 Mr. Girhe M. R. Assistant Professor(CHB) M. A. SET. 01 Year
3 Mr. More S.D. Assistant Professor(CHB) M. A. M. Phil., SET. 01 Year

Honor/Award/ Prize Received

Under Construction

Research Project

# Name of Faculty Title Major/Minor Duration Agency Remark
1 Dr. Satale S. N. A Study On Rajesh Topes Political Leadership And His Contribution In Development Minor Two years UGC Completed

Research Publications

# Name of Faculty National Journals International Journals Conf. Proceeding Chapter in Book Books
1 Dr. Satale S. N. 02 20 02 02 --

Participation Seminar/Workshop/Conference

# Name of Faculty Type National International State Regional
1 Dr. Satale S. N. Seminar/Conference 07 02 03 02

Student Enrollement

# Course/Programs B.A. I B.A. II B.A. III Total
1 2016-17 179 153 155 487
2 2017-18 275 109 111 495
3 2018-19 216 121 78 415
4 2019-20 209 113 76 398
5 2020-21 229 148 78 455
6 2021-22 173 78 50 301


# Course/Programs B. A. I B. A. II B. A. III
1 2016-17 75.80 94.86 81.74
2 2017-18 66.85 85.31 76.58
3 2018-19 74.56 93.28 89.38
4 2019-20 88.27 89.31 94.48
5 2020-21 42.30 81.96 72.92


Under Construction

Events & Activities

  • Study tour at Panchyat Samiti Georai and Muncipal Corporation Georai

Best Practices

  • Celebration of Indian constitution day

Future Plan

  • To Submit A Proposal For Major Research Project To ICSSR
  • To Organize National And International Seminar.
  • To Arrange Study Tour At Various Political Places In The State