Department of Commerce

Depatment of Commerce

Department of Commerce is a separate department in the college that runs, M.Com B.C.A., Ph.D research center, and Certificate course in tax Planning. This department was established in the college on 15th June 1971. Department of Commerce includes highly educated faculty, well-equipped classrooms, a computer lab with 30 up-graded computers, Separate ICT Hall.

The department teaches through both English and Marathi mediums. The number of students taking admission and their results in the department is always good. The department has a good legacy of alumni in which many professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and government and non-government employees are included. For the overall development of the students, various efforts are continuously taken in the department which includes a mentor-mentee scheme, identification of slow and advanced learners, bridge courses, guest lectures, internships, tests, tutorials and seminars, various visits, and training and placement. In the last 5 years department has organized One National Conference funded by Dr.BAMU Aurangabad, One National Webinar, and Two Workshops.

Course Details

Class Semester Name of the Paper
B.Com.I I English, Marathi/Hindi, Financial Accounting-I, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Business and Industrial Economics, Computer Application in Business-I, Entrepreneurship Development-I.
II English, Marathi/Hindi, Financial Accounting-II, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Business and Industrial Economics, Computer Application in Business-I, Entrepreneurship Development-I.
B.Com.II III English, Marathi/Hindi, Corporate Account-I, Cost Account-I, IT Application in Business-I, GST Account-I, Marketing Management.
IV English, Marathi/Hindi, Corporate Account-II, Cost Account-II, IT Application in Business-II, GST Account-II, Insurance.
B.Com.III V Advanced Financial Accounting-I, Management Accounting-I, Auditing, Business Regulatory Framework, Computerised Accounting-I, Rural Development & Agricultural Development.
VI Advanced Financial Accounting-II, Management Accounting-II, Direct Tax, Business Regulatory Framework-II, Computerised Accounting-II, Advertising Salesmanship.
B.C.A. I I Accountancy-I, Industrial Economics, Business Statistics, Operating system-I, Communication Skill, Office Automation Tools.
II Accountancy-II, Industrial Organisation, Mathematics, Programming in C, Principals of Management, Operating system-II.
B.C.A. II III Principle of Management, Oops using C++, Business Law-I, DBMS, E-Business Essentials, Data Structure & Algorithm
IV Cost Accountancy, Java programming, MIS & DSS, Business law-II, Entrepreneurship Development,PC Maintenance.
B.C.A. III V Management Accounting, SQAL 2017, VB, Organizational Belabour, Software Engineering. Retail Management.
VI Elements of commercial portals, Android-9, Business Law-III, Software Testing, Services Marketing, project.
M.Com I I Modern management Practices, Managerial economics, Corporate Financial Accounting, Business Environment
II Organizational Behaviour and work culture, Adv. Cost accounting, Tax Planning GST and management, Marketing Management
M.Com II III Research Methodology, HRPD, Business legislation, International Marketing
IV Quantiative techniques, Security Analysis, Advertisement, Service course, Project


  • Independent Commerce Building
  • Two UG Degrees (B.Com and BCA)
  • One PG Degree (M.Com)
  • One Certificate Course in Tax Planning
  • Departmental Library
  • Well-equipped computer lab
  • ICT Class-Room
  • Online books and PPTs
  • Decentralisation in Departmental work

Teaching Staff

# Name of Faculty Designation Experience Profile
1 Dr. Sandip Vanjari Assistant Professor & Head 12+6 View
2 Dr. Rahul Mane Assistant Professor (In-charge, B.Com) 3+4 View
3 Dr.Bharat Dahe Assistant Professor (In-charge, BCA) 3+4 View
4 Dr. Muktaram Shinde Assistant Professor (Fix Pay) 18+4 View
5 Dr. Vitthal Jadhav Assistant Professor (Fix pay) 8+4 View
6 Dr. Suhas Mache Assistant Professor (Fix pay) 16 View
7 Ms. Sharda Godbole Assistant Professor (Fix pay) -- View

Non Teaching Staff

# Name of Faculty Designation Experience
1 Mr. Ashok Shivaji kamble Lab. Attendant 02

Research Project

# Name of Faculty Title Major/Minor Duration Agency Remark
1 Dr. Waykar Vivek Bhagwan The study of CSR in Indian Banking Industry to private sector banks in Aurangabad District Minor One Year Dr BAMU, Aurangabad Completed
2 Dr. Vanjari Sandip Bhausaheb A Study of GST Effect on Hotel Business in the Aurangabad City Minor One Year Dr BAMU, Aurangabad Completed

Research Publications

# Name of Faculty National Journals International Journals Conf. Proceeding Chapter in Book Books
1 Dr. Sandip Vanjari 12 09 05 02 02
2 Dr. Rahul Mane 01 01 -- 03 --
3 Dr. Bharat Dahe 03 01 -- 03 --
4 Dr. Muktaram Shinde 03 01 01 02 --
5 Dr. Vitthal Jadhav 04 02 01 03 --
6 Dr. Suhas Mache 05 02 02 04 --

Participation Seminar/Workshop/Conference

# Name of Faculty Type National International State Regional
1 Dr. Sandip Vanjari Seminar/Conference/Workshop 20 09 20 16
OC/RC/MOOCs 04 -- 05 --
2 Dr. Mane Rahul Seminar/Conference/Workshop 01 03 -- 04
OC/RC/MOOCs 02 -- 01 --
2 Dr. Bharat Dahe Seminar/Conference/Workshop 01 03 04 --
OC/RC/MOOCs 02 -- 01 --

Student Enrollement

Academic Year B.Com. F.Y. B.Com. S.Y. B.Com. T.Y. M.Com. F.Y. M.Com. S.Y.
2016-17 112 86 84 -- --
2017-18 123 82 73 -- --
2018-19 133 71 67 40 --
2019-20 144 92 37 36 34
2020-21 112 92 93 20 25
2021-22 -- -- -- -- --


Academic Year Admitted Students Pass Students Percentage
2016-17 112 86 84 86 89 75 88 92 96
2017-18 123 82 73 86 72 61 82 88 88
2018-19 133 71 63 102 46 16 92 98 26


  • Swapnil Bhutada (CA)
  • Mayur Lahoti (CA)
  • Ravindra Giri (CA)
  • Shri Sham Giri (Lecturer)
  • Dr M.B. Shinde (Lecturer)
  • Shri Jadhav V.D. (Lecturer)
  • Shri Angad Gavane (Lecturer)
  • Miss Rajnandini Jain (Lecturer)

Departmental Alumni Registration Links

Events & Activities

  • Commerce Forum program
  • Conference/Seminar/Workshop
  • Guest Lecture series
  • Industrial/Bank visit
  • Certificate Course in Tax Planning
  • Internship Program to Final Year Student

Best Practices

  • Professional Career Guidance Program
  • Student Entrepreneurs Talk

Future Plan

  • To submit Major Research Project Proposals.
  • To Submit Proposal for International Conference.
  • To publish Reference Book and Research Papers.
  • To strengthen ICT basis teaching and learning.
  • To extend the co-operation with other Industry or Institution (MOU).
  • To create and develop e-content of syllabus.