Depatment of Economics

  • The department of Economics was established as one of the integral part of the college on 1st June 1971. The College has it’s premises located at the centre of the Georai, Aurangabad-Beed National highway No.211. At present, department has separate cabin which located on ground flower of the college building.
  • The department was started with one lecturer named Kadam S. D. on 15- 06-1971, after him Mr. Minase P.D. joined the department on 01-07-1972, mean while Principal Patil L.D. joined the department from 01-07-1974 to 15-05-1990. Mr. Minase P.D. retired on 30-09-2003. Mr. Thombre joined department from 27-12-2003 to 2007. Mr. Mule N.K. joined department from 2007 to 20-04-2010, Mr.S.E.Ghumatkar joined department from 21/04/2010 to 07/07/2016.
  • Mr.B.S. Jogdand has been working as Head of the Department since 16th June 2017. Dr. S. R. Waghmare is working as a Assistant Professor from academic year 2022-23 on C.H.B. Required infrastructure has been provided to the department by college. At present it has well qualified teaching staff with one Head & one lecturer on CHB. The department is in process of research activity. It is plying significance share in the overall development of the college.

Course Details

Class Sem. P.No. Name of the Paper
B.A.F.Y. Sem I CC-1A Micro Economics
CC-1B Macro Economics
Sem II CC-2C Micro Economics
CC-2D Macro Economics
B.A.S.Y. Sem III V Macro Economics
VI Development Economics
Sem IV VII Public Finance
VIII Statistical Methods
B.A.T.Y. Sem V IX International Economics
X Agricultural Economics
XI History of Economic Thought
XII Project Work
Sem VI XIII Research Methodology
XIV Industrial Economics
XV Indian Economic Thinker
XVI Project Work


  • Department of Economics provides books to students through Department. The department provides basic information about the economic system of Govt. & annual budget of Governments. Apart from curricular activities, the dept. also provides counseling to students about MPSC and UPSC.

Teaching Staff

# Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience
1 Mr. Jogdand B. S. HOD & Assistant Professor M.A.,SET., B.Ed. 05
2 Dr. Waghmare S. R. Assistant Professor (CHB) M.A. Ph.D. --

Research Publications

# Name of Faculty National Journals International Journals Conf. Proceeding Chapter in Book Books
1 Mr.Jogdand B.S. 07 04 03 03 --

Participation Seminar/Workshop/Conference

# Name of Faculty Type National International State Regional
1 Mr. Jogdand B. S. Seminar 09 -- -- --
Workshop 01 -- -- --
Conference 03 -- -- --
OC/RC/MOOCs 02 -- -- --

Student Enrollement

# Academic Year B.A.F.Y. B.A.S.Y. B.A.T.Y. Total
1 2016-17 147 117 99 363
2 2017-18 209 91 87 387
3 2018-19 215 92 61 368
4 2019-20 218 128 60 406
5 2020-21 188 153 100 441
6 2021-22 119 70 51 240

Results (from 2016-2017 on words)

# Academic Year B.A.F.Y. B.A.S.Y. B.A.T.Y.
1 2016-17 86.42 92.52 99.35
2 2017-18 69.14 96.74 88.25
3 2018-19 75.40 91.54 95.24
4 2019-20 90.00 97.54 98.59
5 2020-21 68.94 84.45 86.84


Under Construction

Events & Activities

  • On,08/12/2018, on behalf of the Economics Department of R.B Attal College, the students were taken on a study tour to the 12th State Level Kisan Krishi Pradarshan held at Gevrai from 06/12/2018 to 09/12/2018.
  • Department of Economics has Organised One day National Seminar on "Contemporary Problems in India and Remedies" took place in Godavari Cultural Hall on 14th September 2019. Mr. Krishna Bhoge, Ex. Divisional Commissioner, Aurangabad was the inaugurator of the seminar.
  • On 12/08/2021 Webinar on Employment Opportunities in Economics for Students organized by Department of Economics

Best Practices & Future Plan

  • Title of the Practice:Socio-Economic Survey
  • For this survey, the students filled the questionnaire from the people of each village. Information was collected through this medium. The information was then analyzed. Based on the information received, conclusions were drawn and some recommendations were made

    Economics students select a village for the annual survey. Permission is sought for the survey through the Gram Panchayat of that village and collect data.The Department of Economics completed the survey work in the villages of Revaki, Sindkhed and Komalwadi

Future Plan

  • To Visit the Maharashtra Assembly during the budget session of the state of Maharashtra in 2023.
  • To Conduct workshop for farmers on "Opportunities in Agro-Processing Industry" during the year 2023-2024.
  • Visit to Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune, in the year 2024-2025